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From bike specialist to chocolate specialist

Can you tell us more about your previous assignment at Veloretti?

At Veloretti, I started working on the City Bike team (pedal bikes) for the Benelux, assisting customers with choosing the perfect bike, but also with assembly, warranties and returns. Shortly after, the company launched an e-bike in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. Since the majority of the customers was German, I was mainly focussing on assisting them with technical and practical questions about the product and ordering process. This job involved a lot of setting up the framework, working with third party logistics companies (3PL) and switching languages on the daily.

Why did you switch from bikes to chocolate?

I initially started at Veloretti for a 1 month contract, which was extended often until it reached 5 months. After this period of time, I was ready for a new challenge in another industry, which translated itself perfectly in starting at Tony’s Chocolonely’s Chocofan Care Team.

Can you tell us more about your new role at Tony's Chocolonely?

At Tony’s, I first worked for Stone & Bridges for a contract of about 2 months, to help beat the holiday peak within their Customer Care Team. This was mainly focused on helping customers finding the perfect chocolate bar for themselves or as a gift, personalized chocolate gifts were a big part of this.

After this contract, I was hired directly by Tony’s to support the Benelux Sales Team in planting the roots for the BeLux market. As a Belgian, this was of course a great match! The job consists of setting up the whole Retail and Out of Home channels in Belgium, while also helping existing customers and account managers in the Netherlands. You can already tell, it’s a job with a lot of variety!

How did you experience working at Stone & Bridges?

I absolutely loved working at Stone & Bridges, since it gave me the flexibility to work shorter assignments and in the meantime discover multiple cool companies in different sectors. The communication with Anouk was always wonderful and you really felt that a lot of thought went into which company you ended up at, making sure there was a great fit between both. The teams also always fit together and the instructions were very detailed for the first work day, which is helpful!

Would you recommend working at Stone & Bridges?

I have and will continue recommending it, especially when you’re in between jobs or you are not sure yet what you want to do for your very first job. Keep up the great job team Stone & Bridges, great to see the company grow!

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