Our new office is open.

Yeah, our new office is open!

In the last 2 years Stone & Bridges has grown enormously. We've grown to a team of 20 members quickly. Since the pandemic most of our team members worked from home or worked at the client's office and that worked out well for quite a while. We didn't feel like we needed a new office, but now with everything slowly opening up, it felt time for a new bigger office.

We found the perfect spot on the corner of the Erasmuspark and the Admiraal de Ruijterweg, with lots of light coming daily. In our office we have 6 dedicated spots and 4 flex working spots for our team members. Downstairs we have 2 meeting rooms that are currently under construction. We hope to make use of them soon!

With this location, the train and tram are just minutes away. Also it's nice to have the park close, team members regularly take a lunch break in the park and we hope to make more use of the park as soon as the weather gets better.  We officially openend in October with a small opening party, since we were at the beginning of a new lock down. We hope to do an do-over in the summer with the entire team, friends and family to celebrate the new office opening. 

Flexibility between the office and working from home

Team members at Stone & Bridges have the possibility to either work from home, work at the office or work at the client's office. They are free in deciding what works best for them. We ask our team to come to the office at least twice a week, to check in, have lunch together or have meetings face to face. In this way we stay connected while keeping our flexibility. 

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