Peak Support

In need of temporary customer service heroes? We can help you scale up your team in no time with our flexible pool of trained customer service specialists.

Scaling up without compromising on quality.

When sales are up, everybody’s happy! However, increasing sales can create extra pressure for your Customer Service team. Sometimes it happens unexpectedly or faster than you anticipated on. The last thing that you want is your customers to bear the brunt of it. Constant quality in service is crucial to future sales. With the help of Stone & Bridges, maintaining the quality of your Customer Service is one worry less. We have a team of experienced and trained customer service agents that can help you in Dutch, English, French and German. They’ve been trained to provide service via phone, mail, chat and web care channels. We provide flexible long term and short term solutions, depending on the state and situation of your organization.

How it works.

We have a pool of well-trained agents that are carefully selected for you based on their previous experiences. Our agents can help you with phone, mail and web care support. We have agents that are fluent in Dutch, English, French and German. We aim to have service agents available for you within a maximum of three weeks after your request. Once we’ve started, you can easily scale up or down per month after the assignment period has come to an end. We work with a fixed hourly rate, including all employer charges, holiday pay, payroll, pay slips and a competitive salary for our employees. 



Matching CX with
your company vision


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