If you’re looking for a long-term solution for your customer service department and don’t want to be bothered with the details, we’ve got your back! By outsourcing your service department to us, your customers are always in good hands.

When service is important, but time is limited.

Your organization is growing rapidly. Your focus is on your product, finance, operations, logistics and marketing, but what about service? Service is the component that often comes last for many fast-growing organizations, even if the initial intention was to make it a top priority. Often, we’ve seen our clients in similar situations and with this in mind we started to offer complete outsourcing solutions. 

In this way we are able to match your customer service with your company vision and tone of voice, use our expertise and knowledge to constantly innovate and save you time by only sharing the weekly highlights and conclusions. Once we kick off, we gather a dedicated team or team member for you and scale up when needed with our flexible customer service pool. Then, we reorganize all customer service processes and policies where necessary in order for us to work efficiently and customer friendly. 

How it works.

Based on your specific needs we create a tailor made offer. Needs can include the use of different communication channels, answering clients in multiple languages, specific opening hours and tailormade KPI’s. Once all needs are identified we base our pricing on your monthly order volume. For every order placed in your webshop we take a small amount which is invoiced at the end of each month. 



Matching CX with
your company vision


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